My work surroundings are stunning! My home is on the outskirts of Ballymacarbry, a village nestling in the Nire Valley in Co. Waterford surrounded by magnificent mountains and hills but a mere two hours from Dublin by car. Every day I look out from my office and realise how fortunate I am to live and work in such a place – and yet, my current translation could well be for a client in Montreal, Marseille, Brussels or just down the road in Cork. This is the age of the Internet for you – it really doesn’t matter where you are located. But I firmly believe that the peace and calm of the surroundings are beneficial to the overall quality of the translation.

French to English Translation requires a peaceful mind.. The fiew of the Nire valley with its rolling hills provides that for me. As do the dogs.

View from my desk. N.B Dogs not always in same position.

My years spent living in Canada and France have opened my eyes to the quirks of the French language. I also have clients in Belgium, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire, three more French-speaking countries with their own language idiosyncrasies.