French to English Translater

Typos are commonplace – and that may be why you’re reading this page! Translators can make typos too, hence the importance of proofreading. Quality must never be compromised.

Quality – the keyword for any translation, be it from French to English or from Japanese to Swahili. And quality means accurate understanding of the source text, spelling (translator not translater!), grammar, punctuation, register, proofreading and reading fluency.

Translators always translate into their mother tongue – in my case English. This ensures that no nuances or expressions ever get lost in translation. I have two professional qualifications – MCIL and MITIA – that testify to my commitment to ensuring the quality of my work.

Translation memory is software that can reduce turnaround times and increase translation consistency. It analyses the documents for repetitions and any matches (called 100% or fuzzies) that are stored in the TM database. For the past eleven years I have used Trados and subsequently SDL software, one of the most powerful Translation Memory platforms on the market. The current version is Studio 2014 (I make a point of updating the software).

French to english translater softwareA large database of translated terminology can be accessed, ensuring that specific technical terms and phrases are consistent with previous translations, thereby increasing the quality.

So, if you are looking for a professional freelance translater, or even translator, please contact me to discuss your translation requirements.